Helios Global Technologies

A recent survey showed that over 6000 lives were lost in industrial accidents in the USA and Canada in a single year.

Helios Global Technologies is a designer of WIRELESS EMERGENCY STOP handsets (E-STOP) for industrial and other uses. Our E-Stop handset is designed to save workers from death or injury. A machine endangering its operator or other people can be turned off instantly by the operator or his workmates at the touch of a button on his or her handset. Up to five users equipped with our E-Stop handsets can remotely halt a machine or other equipment at distances up to 400 M (1300 feet).

No situation is more critical than a worker in danger of injury or death!

That’s is why we designed and built, in collaboration with our partners RMD Engineering Inc., the Wireless E-STOP.

Often, workers in danger cannot reach the normal, fixed STOP button in order to halt a machine which is endangering them. This might be as simple as a worker being drawn into a machine because their shirt got caught. Our E-STOP handset is designed to remotely allow the prompt stopping, at the touch of a button, of equipment by either the operator or a fellow employee.

Our wireless E-STOP is a logical solution to provide a safer workplace by enabling individuals in danger to immediately activate a small wireless transmitter which they wear that activates the cut-off switch to shut down the machine. It works instantly. Up to four others working in the immediate area can also be equipped with a wireless device and they too can activate this E-STOP.

Check out our E-Stop Models general information page to learn more about our wireless emergency stop units.