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Helios PTT


  • Secure group communications and messaging.
  • Easy to configure dispatch service.

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Connecting Companies, Governments, Organizations, Police and Groups of People – Anywhere in the World

Helios PTT is a push-to-talk application that instantly connects groups of people using Blackberry and Android smart phones. Customers can use the push-to-talk button to communicate over any cell phone network using 3G, 4G or LTE data, or private LAN/WAN/WiFi with internet connections for instant, reliable and encrypted voice communications.

Helios PTT is about immediate connections. No dialing is required – you just push-to-talk with a group of users or another individual. A PTT call can be to a group of people to discuss a corporate project, workers at a building site, a call from a lone worker to seek help from someone nearby, or from parents to one or more members of their family. In addition to establishing a group conversation, the location of group members can be viewed directly on your smart phone map or the application map tab using the GPS facility of your smart phone. This includes a zoom capability to show exactly where the user is. All users on the active channel, including those who may not themselves have access to mapping functionality, are identified by their ID and username.

Helios PTT Features

The Helios PTT application provides instant, secure group and/or individual communication while also exploiting the GPS capabilities of smart phones – ideal for law enforcement, fleet operators and lone workers. Our technology partner, Talk IP, a German company founded in 2005, developed the IP (Internet Protocol) push-to-talk. Helios operates its PTT service through servers located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The Helios PTT service is available worldwide.

The Helios PTT networks are completely configurable by a customer who downloads PC Dispatch, a Microsoft management program available through the Helios PTT registration page. The numbers and names of people in the various PTT groups are entered into the PC. A major user can use the PC Dispatch feature to manage the network and make scores of groups to meet an organization’s requirements. Or, one Helios PTT user can choose a name from their group and call another user in the group directly. There is also a feature for “dispatcher” calls which allows a fleet dispatcher, for instance, to make a call to a single group member, and also see where they are. Users of Talk IP networks include fire departments, German police, utilities, transportation services and airport ground workers, and even multiple members of a family.

Why is the Helios PTT system better than other such systems?

  • We’ve worked to accommodate the different operating systems of Blackberry and Android phones to make the PTT experience as positive as possible for the 250,000 current Talk IP users around the world.
  • Dedicated radios are expensive, provide limited coverage and offer rudimentary functionality.
  • Carrier Provided PTT services are expensive, lock you into a single network contract and have coverage gaps.
  • All conversations on the Helios PTT network are encrypted to ensure secure conversations.
  • The PTT application also supports secure messaging.
  • There is an SOS Hot Key and Emergency function.
  • Open microphone once SOS is activated.

How do I subscribe to Helios PTT?

For organizations and others using Blackberry phones Helios PTT can be subscribed to through the Blackberry World Store. On your Blackberry handset go to Blackberry World Store and search for Helios PTT and you will be directed to the Helios PTT registration page for a five day free trial. Corporate users can set up their five day trial network through the Helios PTT Customer Portal. At the end of a five day trial payment can be made through the Customer Portal.

Enterprise clients, such as businesses and governments which have Android or mixed Android – Blackberry handsets, should contact We will then download the Helios PTT link to your smart phone by SMS, and you can set up a five day trial network through the Helios PTT Customer Portal. At the end of the five day trial payment can be made through the Customer Portal.

Customers can also access the PC Dispatch Helios PTT network management system through the Customer Portal.