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Survivability Through Technology

Wireless Emergency Stop (E-STOP)


  • Saves Lives. Stops Injuries.
  • Stops Equipment Immediately from Wireless Handset.

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Helios has introduced a new model of its Wireless Emergency Stop, the E-STOP 1000, a lower cost safety device to save workers’ lives and reduce industrial injuries. Our first model, the E-STOP 2000, includes an intrinsically safe handset for use in Oil & Gas and certain other industrial applications. Both units and their handsets are pictured here.

We developed the E-STOP 1000 in collaboration with RMD Engineering of Saskatoon, Canada, to give us an entry cost model with virtually all the features of the E-STOP 2000 except for an intrinsically safe handset.

The Helios E-STOPs are designed to technically and easily replace or interface with manual E-STOPS located in factories and on heavy industrial vehicles. The E-STOPs allow employees, if they or a fellow worker are in danger, to press a button on their worker-worn handset which communicates by wireless to the E-STOP unit to immediately shut off the equipment.
The handsets for the E-STOP 1000 and 2000 come with rechargeable batteries. The intrinsically safe Tpass3 handset for the E-STOP 2000 also has a removable lanyard which stops the equipment when pulled.

These devices make the workplace safer; improves employee morale; protects workers; instantly turns off machinery endangering a worker; saves companies from compensating workers for injuries or death which might have occurred without the E-STOP; and stops additional charges by workers compensation plans of state or provincial governments by preventing accidents or reducing injuries.

There have been many accidents in work places where worker’s lives have been at risk.

Imagine this work place scenario:

An employee is working and gets his shirt caught in the machinery, pulling him into it. There are numerous other employees around, but no one can hear him crying out for someone to press the emergency STOP button, and the trapped employee can’t reach it. At thousands of manufacturing operations across the country the same potential problem exists and in many cases employees have been seriously injured or killed by equipment. Aside from the individual tragedy, such an injury or death opens the employer to lawsuits involving work place safety and each incident can lead to higher state or provincial workers compensation fees and lawsuits.

The Helios E-STOP would have solved the above problem, allowing the trapped employee to press a button on his handset and stop the machinery.

The worker-worn radio on the E-STOP 2000 is intrinsically safe meaning it will not spark and set off a fire or explosion in an environment which may be gaseous or dust laden. The unit also includes a manual emergency button as a backup.

Our newest model, the E-STOP 1000, is not intrinsically safe but is substantially lower in cost than the 2000 and fulfills all other Emergency STOP requirements.

The worker’s radio transmitter can be up to 1300 feet (400 meters) away from the E-STOP base unit (range will vary with conditions). In the case of a worker becoming Out of Range of the base unit the worker’s E- STOP handset will provide the wearer with a “signal lost” alert. There are also repeaters available for the E-STOP 2000 to enhance signal propagation should this be necessary. A site evaluation can be performed to ensure 100 per cent coverage.

In summary, advantages of the Helios Wireless Emergency STOPS are as follows:

  1. They come in two models, one for portable equipment such as trucks or cranes with 11-30 Vdc; and another for permanent installation from 90-250 Vac (single phase)
  2. CSA and UL approved for AC models; not required for DC models
  3. Operates in the 900-920 MHz band, which is license free and typically free of congestion and radio frequency interference; Helios chose this band because the low frequency allows signals to pass through buildings without interference, unlike the 2.4 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 2.7 GHz license free bands which are typically used for wi-fi and whose signals do not have the same penetration ability and whose signals can more easily be interfered with because of the vast amount of equipment operating on these frequencies
  4. The handsets are rechargeable
  5. When the user of the handset is out of range from the E-STOP the handsets emit intermittent beeps until it is again with range; the E-STOP 2000 handsets also vibrate.
  6. The handset, under normal conditions, operates at a range of up to 400M from the E –STOP
  7. Handsets are light weight and easy to wear
  8. The E-STOP box with its Red stop button can be connected into a user’s current E-STOP equipment or installed as a stand-alone device
  9. A handset for a supervisor can be programmed to shut off multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously; up to five workers can be equipped to operate the same E-STOP.
  10. The E-STOP 2000 is equipped with an intrinsically safe handset which is often required by users in the Oil and Gas industries.

You can download the following PDFs for more information about the products and their handsets:

General information brochure
E-Box 1000 and E-Box 2000

Specification Sheets and User Guides
Specification sheet for E-Stop 1000
Specification sheet for E-Stop 2000
Installation and Operation Manual (E5, Version 1.3)
User Guide (E6, Version 1)

All products are covered by a one year factory warranty.  Ship product to us for repair and we will ship it back to you at our cost during the warranty period.