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E-Box Worker Safety System

The EB-200 Worker Safety System requires only a touch on a handset to summon help, or if a worker is motionless the accelerometer inside his handset will set off an alarm which is communicated to either a call centre or a supervisor via text or email. The Helios system is simple to use and works on both GSM and satellite networks to ensure universal coverage and guarantee your workers’ safety wherever they might be. Because only 15% of Canada is covered by cellular networks our EB-200 will automatically go to satellite operation when it is outside of cell phone coverage. In the United States some 85 per cent of the country is covered by cellular networks, but many parts of the country are not covered, which makes the satellite option a necessity.

The EB-200 is usually kept in a vehicle, but has a rechargeable battery allowing it to be carried on an ATV or by a worker in a small back pack. The SuperCell handset is carried by the worker at all times and communicates with the EB-200. A single EB-200 can communicate with up to four SuperCells, meaning up to four workers at a site can share one EB-200.

The EB-200 includes three communications modules

  • from the EB-200 to the worker-worn SuperCell operating in a license free band
  • to communicate with cellular networks
  • to communicate with the closest Inmarsat satellites, which span the globe and provide universal coverage, except close to polar areas.

The network operates through the Helios 360° mapping platform which provides information on the location of any user either by GPS coordinates or oil & gas industry mapping coordinates known as LSD. The Helios 360° can be accessed via internet by any authorized user.

The EB-200 consists of a SuperCell which a worker wears, and an E-Box, which is normally in the worker’s vehicle. Helios Worker Safety systems are in operation in both Canada and the U.S., with customers as diverse as major oil companies, a First Nations administration and commodity companies. A simple touch on the SuperCell is all it takes to notify the network controller that a worker has a serious problem, or the built-in accelerometer in the SuperCell will notify the controller, after a pre-assigned time, that a worker has stopped moving. It is the easiest to use Worker Safety System on the market today.

The newest version of our E Box Worker Safety System, the EB-200, includes the following special features:


  • Transmission of up to 20 canned messages between the worker’s SuperCell and their supervisor
  • Out of range alarm when worker’s SuperCell is out of touch with the EB-200
  • Roll call function requesting a specific EB-200 user to respond
  • SuperCell is intrinsically safe, meaning it does not spark and can be used in flammable gas or high dust conditions
  • Communication to a worker’s supervisor is either by SMS, e mail, or via a call centre
  • PAR or Personal Responsibility Checks-these checks to which users must respond are requested at pre-set intervals, normally every two or four hours, but can be more frequent

Performance specifications of the EB-200 are as follows:e-box-small-image

  • Rechargeable SuperCell – 80 hours on full charge
  • Out of Range notification
  • SuperCell is UL913 Certified as Intrinsically Safe
  • SuperCell meets CSA standard C22.2 NO.157 for use in hazardous locations
  • SuperCell is environmentally protected (IP67)
  • Rugged Construction
  • E-Box is light and easy to use (5 lbs/2.3 kg)
  • Rechargeable 13 hour battery in the E-Box